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Tile Cleaning 101: Eco-Friendly Tile Cleaning Tips You Can Use

Many homeowners nowadays are opting to have tile floorings in their home. This comes to no surprise as having tiles in your home really makes it more beautiful, classy, and more elegant. But having tiles in your home comes with the responsibility to clean it regularly and properly. Sometimes homeowners who are trying to get their tiles clean do not realize that the products that they are using may contain harmful substances that can damage the environment. Some of the chemical substances may even harm our health if we are exposed to it for a prolonged period.
Staying away from these harmful cleaning solutions is important but you also wouldn’t want to have filthy tiles in your home, right? Well if you want to do your share in protecting our environment without giving up on your tiles, there are eco-friendly tips that you can follow to clean your tiles. Check out the post below of what you can do to clean your tiles while still being proactive about our environment.


  • Frequently Polishing Your Tiles – Polishing the tiles can really be a big help in keeping them clean and spotless. It also helps maintain the tile’s shine and luster. The good thing about polishing your tiles is all that you would need is a cleaning cloth. It does not have any negative effects on our environment and it gets you tiles clean and in good condition. You could also add some water on the cleaning cloth to get better results. Either way, you will be helping in keeping your tiles clean even without the use of toxic tile cleaning solutions.
  • Vinegar-Based Cleaning Solutions – There are several ways that you can avoid using harmful cleaning solutions while still being able to clean your tiles. One such way is by using a substitute for the cleaning solution by making one of your own using items you can find in your household. An example of this is a vinegar-based cleaning solution which you can use on ceramic tiles. Yes, vinegar is a good item to use in tile cleaning since it not only helps in removing dust and dirt; it also deodorizes your tiles too. You can make this vinegar-based cleaning solution easily by mixing one part of distilled vinegar with four parts of water. Be sure to use this only in ceramic tiles though as using it on natural stone tiles such as marble and limestone can cause damage to it.

Keeping your tiles clean can be had without compromising our environment. Make sure you remember the tips above so that you can clean your tiles effectively without having any negative side effects on our surroundings.

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