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Tips for Cleaning Up Food Spills on Your Carpet

Food spills are really tough to have on your carpet. This kind of cleaning issue happens quite often as people love to eat and sometimes they bring their food all around the house. Spilling your food on the carpet can be very devastating as it is a problem that can really make your carpet look ugly and dirty.

Learning how to properly deal with food spills is very important if you want to have the chance at getting your carpet back to normal. A lot of people don’t know yet the proper procedures in solving this problem and sometimes this can come at the expense of their carpets. If you want to find out how to correctly deal with food spills on the carpet, check out the useful post below.


  • Clean Up the Mess Right Away – Food spills are tricky because they can really cause damage to your carpet’s look and appearance. If you want to get the best chance of getting your carpet clean and back to normal, you must clean up the spill right away. Do not let a long time pass before deciding to clean the spill. Spring to action right away in order to avoid having the spill cause more damage than it already has.
  • Pick Up Loose Food Particles Carefully – One of the problems with food spills is because you must ensure that all the food particles are cleaned and removed from the carpet. Not doing so can cause a lot of trouble as it can spoil and result in having unpleasant odor on your carpet. This is why one important thing to remember when cleaning up food spills is to make sure that you extract all loose food particles from the carpet. You can do this carefully by using your hands and when it comes to sauces you could use a paper towel to get this done.
  • Do Not Wipe the Spill – Some people get the compulsion to wipe the spilled area of the carpet when trying to clean up food spills. This is not the correct way to clean it up since wiping the spill only causes it to spread further. Always remember to blot the carpet instead of rubbing or wiping it so that you can remove the mess on your carpet without making the problem worse.


Food spills are one of the common problems that a carpet owner can face. Hopefully the tips above will help you take on this tough cleaning problem so that you can get your carpet clean and spotless once more.

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